NBA Star Yao Ming’s Wine Collaboration

Wine for wildlife:  NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming, who has been making wine under the Yao Family Wines label for several years now, opened a St. Helena tasting room last spring. Now he’s using that wine for wildlife conservation efforts.  

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Score! The Best Athlete-Owned Wineries Michael Cervin September 24, 2016 For some people in the wine biz, the pursuit of a perfect bottle is a lifelong work. When you’re an athlete, it’s more like a second career. But you have to wonder—just because you can score a touchdown, stick a landing, ace your [...]

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Yao Ming Opens Tasting Room In St. Helena

Professional sport celebrities, from Joe Montana to Mario Andretti, can’t seem to resist the allure of the wine business. And that includes former NBA sensation Yao Ming, who launched Yao Family Wines when he retired from the Houston Rockets in 2011. Last month, he opened the doors to his new [...]

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Former NBA Star Yao Ming Opens Wine Tasting Room In St. Helena

The 7-foot-6 ex-Houston Rocket center caused quite the stir when he stopped by the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena for Premiere Napa Valley’s barrel tasting and auction, which raised $5 million for the Napa Valley Vintners…

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Yao Ming in St Helena: Basketball star turned vintner opens a new tasting room

ST. HELENA – It was during his years playing basketball as a 7-foot-6 center for the Houston Rockets of the NBA that Yao Ming, who is from Shanghai, China, became interested in wine. Read Article

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