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Yao Family Wines Club Member Showcase

Wine club member showing wine.

Raised in Sacramento…only 75 minutes from the Napa Valley Ron Jan has enjoyed wines since the mid 70’s. When he heard about Yao (Ming) Family Wines and the opening of their tasting room, he had to try them out. Although celebrity wines often are disappointing in quality, he found that Yao (Ming) Family Wines were of good quality and very enjoyable. And the wines have continued to improve. And then, their Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon appeared—what an outstanding wine with beautiful deep color and aroma with plenty of fruit and soft tannins yielding a long, pleasant finish. Currently, studying for WSET 2 Ron has learned much from the winemaker, Tom Hinde and Shia Wu at the tasting room. Tom Hnde and Yao Family Wines have also generously given back to the community and to Wild Aid making it even more gratifying to be a part of the Yao (Ming) Family.

It is so nice to enjoy Yao Ming wines In Houston with our daughter and son-in-law. We love the Sauvignon Blanc and the Napa Valley 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon. It is fun drinking wine from the Yao Ming plastic wine glasses. They are perfect for patio sipping. We’ve been drinking Yao Ming wines since our first visit to the tasting room in Napa a few years ago. Look forward to returning to the wine country.

Two people holding wine.

I was introduced to Yao Family Wines by Mr. Bill Duffy, BDA Sports Management in 2016.  We were working on a project together in Oakland (along with Ronnie Lott and Rodney Peete) and he told me about his representation of Yao and how he fell in love with wines during his playing days in Houston.  I mentioned that I had heard that Yao had started a winery, but that I had not had the opportunity to try any of the wines.  Bill told me the great story of how the winery went from concept to Napa Valley powerhouse and I was determined to give the wines a shot.  I quickly fell in love with the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  In 2018, Bill arranged for me and several friends to take a tour of the winery and, as the old saying goes, the rest is history.  I have been a Founder’s Club member ever since and our cellar is well stocked with all of the Yao Family Wines offerings.  My favorite remains the Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, but the Appellation Specific Wines are a very close second!  We have introduced all of our friends to your wines and they all expect to receive Yao Family Wines as gifts during the holidays.  We have every intention of continuing the tradition this year!

While exploring the Bay Area’s wine country my wife and I stumbled onto the Yao Ming tasting room. My wife, being a Chinese native was naturally intrigued, me even as well since this was a name I recognized from sports. We decided to stop in and check it out. From the moment we sat down and were greeted by the wonderful staff we felt right at home. We were not expecting so much when we ordered the tasting flight. What a surprise, not only was the staff wonderful, but the wine was as well. My wife and I loved the entire experience and the wine. Yao Ming has become the center of our collection! But more than that, the entire experience is more than the great wine or the great basketball player, it’s very much a family like experience. Thank you Yao Ming for the wonderful wine that is now always present and playing a central role in creating so many great memories whether it be in the tasting room with the staff or  home when we cook, cuddle or entertain. Cheers!

Three people eating dinner outside with Yao Ming wine.

Dinner in New York with our favorite wine. Cheers!  We visited you twice last year and became instant fans of your wonderful wine. Our cellar is now well stocked with Yao Ming wine enjoyed by our friends and family Stay safe and stay healthy.

Two wine club members posing with Yao Ming cut out.

Yao Family Wine is the first winery that I joined membership with, and I have no hesitation to say that this is my absolute favorite winery, and I have visited a few times each year. It’s on my must-do list when I have families and friends visiting. I love Yao family wine for several reasons- first of all, I am the biggest fan of Yao Ming, and the first time I walked in I was amazed by all of Yao’s personal collection in the display and I got to try on the authentic Basketball HALL OF FAME RING that Yao was awarded. The second reason is that every wine tasting here is a unique and fantastic experience. The staff remember me every time I walk in, and it is exclusive and the staffs are super friendly, attentive, and welcoming like you’re part of the family, and definitely the warmth and friendship you wouldn’t experience anywhere else. Their family reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is simply amazing! I also love their Rose and Sparkling Wine, which is very smooth and delightful. This is a truly a “ Family Winery!”